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Do you or do you know someone that has breastfeeding problems? Are you familiar with ANKYLOGLOSSIA or Tongue-tied? Breast-feeding requires a baby to keep his or her tongue over the lower gum while sucking. If unable to move the tongue or keep it in the right position, the baby might chew instead of suck on the nipple.

Some other symptoms of tongue-tie include:

Struggle to lift tongue to upper teeth or even having trouble moving the tongue side to side
Another sign of your baby being
Tongue-tied is if you notice your baby is not sticking his or her tongue out past the lower gumline
If you are concerned your baby may have a few of these symptoms, look to see if he or she has a tongue that looks notched or heart-shaped when he or she sticks it out
This can cause significant nipple pain and interfere with a baby’s ability to get breast milk. Ultimately, poor breast-feeding can lead to inadequate nutrition and failure to thrive. You can read more complications with tongue tie in a post from the Mayo Clinic here.

I can help you and your baby with ANKYLOGLOSSIA (Tongue-tied) with a quick, painless procedure by laser in the office. The results are almost instantaneous. Contact my office at 561-797-4077 for information or an appointment today!