Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth in Royal Palm Beach, FL – Dr. Bruce Elkind

Accidents and emergencies happen, that is why we pride ourselves in answering our phones, getting back to our current and potential patients and getting them in as soon as possible, especially when there is an emergency. We are ready for your emergency, whether you have a cracked tooth, broken tooth, shattered bridge, or for whatever you call us for. That is why Bruce Ekind’s office is the premiere dentist in Royal Palm Beach.

A Broken Tooth Can Be Unsafe

You may think a broken tooth can seem harmless, when in reality, it can actually be dangerous. If you ignore your broken tooth, it can lead to health and orthodontic issues.



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Why You May Get A Broken Tooth

Even though your teeth are very strong, it is possible to break them. You can break your teeth because of a few different scenarios.

  • Were you going to bite something and accidentally bite down to hard? Maybe it was a piece of meat that you did not realize had a bone in it. This has also happened with ice, apples, and other foods. If you bit down on something too quickly, the impact could break your tooth
  • Did you get hit in your mouth? Getting hit in the mouth is what we see the most at Bruce Elkind’s Office. We have had patients that fell down, some patients have been in a car accidents and some have been in a fight.  A hit to your teeth can cause them to break.
  • Did you have a cavity? Your tooth enamel is not as strong when you have a cavity. As you tooth weakens because of your enamel is getting weaker, can cause the tooth to break.
  • Do you have an old filling? This has happened at our office too. We try to get our patients to come in for regular check ups, but we also understand life sometimes gets in the way and before you know it, it has been 4 years since you been to the dentist. When your filling gets old, it does not cover your enamel. Having an old filling can cause your tooth to crack or break. Also be aware of materials that have been discontinued.

At Bruce Elkind’s Office, many of our patients rave about how pain-free our care is. That is one of our favorite compliments. There are many people out there that avoid going to the dentist because of painful memories. Our goal is to have those scared memories relaxed and have people enjoy coming to the dentist.

When you call the office with a broken tooth, we try to get you into the office as soon as possible. After an exam, we discuss all you options and the best one for you. Contact us today if you have a broken tooth. Visit us at 9100 Belvedere Road #201 in Royal Palm Beach or call us at 561-798-4077.

Contact us: Visit us at 9100 Belvedere Road #201 in Royal Palm Beach or call us at 561-798-4077.