Digital Scans

Digital Scans

Bruce L. Elkind, DDS, PA

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry located in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Dentures are tried-and-true artificial tooth replacements. If you’re interested in receiving dentures from an experienced, trustworthy provider, look no further than the practice of Bruce L. Elkind, DDS, PA, located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Elkind offers partial and full dentures, as well as other tooth replacement options, such as crowns and dental implants. To find the right solution for you, schedule a consultation online or over the phone today.

Get Scanned TODAY!!!

We now offer digital scanning on most if not all restorative lab procedures. Whether it be a crown, bridge, implant, inlay/onlay, full or partial dentures, Night Guards, Sleep Apnea appliances, mouth sports guards, or Braces…we offer it all!

Accuracy, faster turn around lab times, less obtrusive impression techniques are all advantages of digital scanning impression techniques.

So if you want space age technology for your dentistry, Let Dr. Elkind and his Staff digitally scan you today for all of your dental needs!



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